Mideer – Tin YoYo – Dancing Girl



  • Improves the coordination of the children’s body movements.
  • Classic bowl-shaped symmetrical design that blends childlikeness and balance.
  • Develop your child’s brains and improve their physical coordination.
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    When playing MiDeer Baby YO-YO Toy, improve the coordination of the children’s body movements. It takes a certain degree of skill to play the yo-yo well. The helicopter and dancing girl designs can satisfy children of different personalities for fun. The hand-drawn images and exquisite colour modelling full of childishness unknowingly enhance the children’s aesthetic ability and open the way to aesthetic enlightenment. Tinplate material, a smooth surface as well as a woven cotton drawstring ensures durability and your child’s safety.
    Recommended Age: Suitable for 3 years and above








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