Mideer – Matching Puzzle – Opposites



  • The game box aims to develop children’s hands-on ability. If your child is new to hands-on projects, some supervision may be required to build confidence in learning new activities.
  • Although these projects teach basic machinery, children may still
  • find it difficult and complex to process the principle hidden in each project.
  • Please walk your child through the instruction manual very carefully and get them familiarized with technology and engineering gradually.
  • All parts included are well sanded or polished to provide a safe experience for your little one.
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    The Matching Puzzles Series is designed to provide just the right level of challenge for your child; begin by offering just two matching pieces; increase the challenge level by simply offering more pieces to choose from. These puzzles are a great way to help your child develop basic problem-solving skills such as creative thinking and perseverance. The puzzles are self-correcting which means that only one piece will fit with any other, thus eliminating the frustration. Completing each mini-puzzle correctly and being rewarded with a fun image related to the exciting theme is a big boost to a child’s confidence.
    Recommended Age: Suitable for 18 months & above



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