Mideer – Animal Threading Game



  • Develops hand-eye coordination through the continuous threading process of the cotton thread.
  • Encourages fine motor finger skills, hand-eye coordination, and of course creativity.
  • This game grows with the child, offering simple threading when they are younger and then encourages more challenging combinations as they get older.
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    Mideer Animal Threading Game is designed to develop small muscles in a child’s hand. There are 4 unique animals made from wood. Threading the laces through holes requires mindfulness and steady hands, developing children’s carefulness, patience, and observation. Lace-up however you like, skipping, following order, spacing, or crossing. The cards are made of high-quality wood. There are multiple options to lace the animals with different thread colors and accessories. They can match the animals with the color-coded bottoms or make up fun combinations. Each animal is made up of three parts. Top, bottom, and accessory. By looking for the corresponding accessories, or by mixing up the accessories children can stimulate their imaginations while having hours of fun.

    4 x Wooden character cards
    4 x Buttons Medal
    4 x Colored Threads

    Recommended Age: Suitable for 2 years & above



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