Mideer – 32-In-1 Classic Games



  • This beautifully illustrated box set contains over 32 classic board games, all featuring beautiful mideer illustrations. It’s a good choice for a Birthday or Christmas. You and your family can discover (or rediscover) hours of game-playing entertainment. Sure to keep the kids entertained during rainy weather and indoor play, and complete with adorable illustrations and a beautiful sturdy box.
  • Games Included: Chess, Five-In-A-Row, 8*8 Draughts, Aeroplane Chess, Snakes and Ladders, Goose Chess & Treasure Hunter, Number Place & Lucky 26, Memory Chess, Bingo,24 Points, Bridge, Kitten Goes Fishing Addition and Subtraction, Animal Checker, Nine-Man Morris Traffic Sudoku, Horse Racing Chess and Catching Fish.
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    Ready to introduce your kids to the world of classic board game? Ready to challenge their mind and have fun while learning? This 32 in 1 board game collection is a must-have educational toy for all parents!

    What’s Included:
    5 double-sided game boards, 182 chess pieces ,1 cloth bag, 1 deck of playing cards and 1 game manual.

    Recommended Age: Suitable for 3 years & above



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