Lovely Baby Stroller For Kids LB 6644


The Lovely Baby Pram Baby Stroller is a versatile and convenient option for parents with babies aged 0-24 months. With its reversible handle, adjustable canopy, and 3-position reclining backrest, it provides a comfortable and safe environment for your child. It is also foldable and lightweight, making it easy to store and carry around. Additionally, the stroller has several safety features, including a 3-point safety harness and lockable swivel front wheels, providing peace of mind for parents while using it. Overall, the Lovely Baby Pram Baby Stroller is a reliable and practical choice for parents looking for a high-quality stroller for their baby.

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    1. Reversible handle: The baby stroller comes with a reversible handle, which allows you to switch between forward-facing and backward-facing positions, giving you greater flexibility and control while pushing the stroller.
    2. Adjustable canopy: The stroller has an adjustable canopy that protects your child from the sun’s harmful rays, and it can be adjusted according to the angle of the sun.
    3. 3-position reclining backrest: The backrest can be reclined in three different positions, ensuring that your child can be comfortably seated or reclined, depending on their needs.
    4. Foldable and easy to store: The stroller can be easily folded, making it convenient to store and carry around when not in use.
    5. Safety features: The stroller comes with a 3-point safety harness to ensure that your child stays securely in the seat, as well as lockable swivel front wheels to prevent any accidental rolling away.

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