Lovely Baby Push Ride on Car for Kids LB 460.


For children from 1 till 3 years age. Maximum weight of the child – 15 kg. With design, which contributes to the development of the motor skills and balance of the child. Buttons for various fun melodies are situated on the steering wheel. The music functions are activated using 2*AA 1.5V batteries (not included).

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    1. The ride-on toy is designed for children between 1 and 3 years old and has a maximum weight limit of 15 kg. This ensures that the child can safely use the toy without any risks or hazards.
    2. The ride-on toy is designed to help develop the child’s motor skills and balance. The child can sit on the toy and use their legs to push themselves forward, which helps improve their coordination and balance.
    3. The ride-on toy features buttons on the steering wheel that play various fun melodies. This provides the child with an interactive and engaging experience, while also encouraging them to explore cause and effect relationships.
    4. The music functions of the ride-on toy are activated using two AA 1.5V batteries (not included). This makes it easy for parents to replace the batteries when needed, ensuring that the toy remains functional and enjoyable for the child.
    5. Overall, the ride-on toy is a fun and engaging way for children to improve their motor skills and balance, while also enjoying various melodies and tunes. It is safe and easy to use, and provides a great way for children to learn and explore their environment.

    poperback,book,539 pages






    8.40*10.70*0.90 inches




    elementory , education


    Red, White, Yellow


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