Lovely Baby Kids Rideon Push car LB 551.


Take your child for a walk with these fun push cars for kids! This Pushing car works on nearly any surface with its non-scuffing tires as well as rotating front wheels to make the ride easier. Ready to be the best parent and give your child endless memories? Driving is one of the most fun activates children can do. It is designed with the coolest appearance and features such as a hidden storage area. Ready to ride, 100% assembled Recommended Age: 1 to 3 Years | Ergonomic and sturdy chassis | With Music | Comes with a storage area | Recommended maximum child weight is 13 kg.

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    1. The push car for kids is a fun and practical way to take your child for a walk. It features non-scuffing tires and rotating front wheels that make it easy to maneuver on nearly any surface.
    2. The push car is designed to provide endless memories for your child, offering a fun and engaging activity that they will love. Driving is one of the most enjoyable activities for children, and this push car allows them to do it safely and comfortably.
    3. The push car has a cool and stylish appearance that children will love, and it also features a hidden storage area where parents can store toys or other items for their child.
    4. The push car is 100% assembled and ready to ride, making it easy for parents to use and enjoy. It is suitable for children aged 1 to 3 years, with a recommended maximum weight of 13 kg.
    5. The push car also features music, which adds to the child’s experience and makes the ride even more fun and enjoyable. The ergonomic and sturdy chassis ensures that the child is safe and secure while riding, providing parents with peace of mind. Overall, the push car for kids is a great way to make walks with your child more fun and engaging, while also providing them with a safe and enjoyable activity.

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