Lovely Baby Kids Quad Bike LB 807E


The perfect kids quad bike for all skill levels! The Electric Quad Bike is an incredible ride-on with great power. It comes with lights and music functionality, with a dashboard sound control. It also features one-start switch and combination switch – allowing forward and backward functions, and high and low speed control. The Electric Quad Bike can run up to 6km/h on a 12V 10AH, with 4 motor. With plenty of back shock suspension, E-Quad Bike will fill your little rider’s adventure with a tonne of fun, excitement and adventure! Your little one will feel the rush of navigating all types of pathways. They’ll have the ride of their life and be amazed by its motor power and run time. These solid quad bikes are built to last with impressive components and are designed to suit different rider types and sizes. Choose from multiple colour options to suit your child’s personality and preferences. You’re guaranteed the best quality, innovation and design to get the maximum fun our of every adventure. A trusted Australian brand, It has an incredible e-ride range you and your family will love. Key features: Max speed – 3-6km/h Features – Front light, music | including USB/MP3 socket, one-click start switch, combination switch (including forward and backward, high and low speed), rear shock suspension. Age range – Ideal for ages 3 and up From what age can kids ride quad bikes? Quad bikes are simple and easy to ride, and great for those aged 3 and up with adult supervision. Young riders will definitely feel the the power of a quad bike – a great introduction to the world of e-rides. They are a great way to get maximum fun and enjoyment on their rides.

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    1. The Electric Quad Bike is a perfect ride-on toy for kids of all skill levels, designed to provide great power and excitement.
    2. It comes with a variety of features such as lights, music functionality, dashboard sound control, and a combination switch for forward/backward and high/low speed control.
    3. With a maximum speed of up to 6km/h and back shock suspension, kids can navigate all types of pathways and terrains with ease.
    4. This solidly-built quad bike is designed to suit different rider types and sizes, with multiple color options available to suit your child’s personality and preferences.
    5. Suitable for kids aged 3 and up with adult supervision, quad bikes provide a great introduction to the world of e-rides and are a fun way for young riders to enjoy their outdoor adventures.

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