Lovely Baby 2 in 1 Scooters for Kids LB 8133


Everyone can have a go at this scooter. Great as a quick transport system, or just a thrill ride downhill, this scooter has something for everyone. Enjoy your early years or jump back to those early years as you enjoy the wind flowing through your hair.

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    1. Dual-Function Design: The Lovely Baby 2 in 1 Scooter is a perfect toy companion for kids aged 2-7 years. It has a dual-function design that can be used as a kick scooter or a seated scooter, making it versatile and fun for kids.
    2. Lightweight and Durable: The scooter has a lightweight design and is made of high-quality materials like aluminium, iron, plastic, and PU wheels, making it safe and durable. It has a weight capacity of up to 50 kgs, ensuring that it can withstand even the roughest of rides.
    3. Adjustable Height: The Lovely Baby scooter has an adjustable handlebar, allowing kids to adjust the height to their comfort level. This feature makes it perfect for kids of different heights and ages.
    4. LED Light Wheels: The scooter’s safe wide wheels light up while kids ride on it, making it more fun and attractive for children. The best part is that the wheels do not require any batteries, making it environmentally friendly and easy to maintain.
    5. Easy to Use: The Lovely Baby scooter is easy to use and has a seat removal feature, making it convenient to switch between seat mode and riding mode. It also has a gravity steering system that makes it easier for kids to steer and balance while riding.

    poperback,book,539 pages






    8.40*10.70*0.90 inches




    elementory , education


    Black, Blue, Red


    Lovely Baby, Top Gear


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