MiDeer – Insect Box



  • Mideer Insect Catching Observing Box comes in an eye-catching spaceship design.
  • Lightweight flip cover for quick access
  • Uniquely designed buckle for effortless cleaning
  • All accessories can be clipped onto the adjustable strap for convenience
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    Broaden your children’s minds with this insect adventure set! Use these bug-catching supplies to challenge your children to observe, explore, and understand the beautiful living world around them. Mideer Insect Catching Observing Box lets your children explore nature and learn not to fear insect creatures. It is an awesome and fun way to educate your children on how these critters are important for our environment and why we shouldn’t hurt them. This is a new and exciting way for children to become active explorers in their garden, park, or beach.

    1 x Insect box
    1 x Magnifying glass
    1 x Flat tweezers
    1 x Ruler
    1 x Adjustable strap
    Temporary tattoos (insects)

    Recommended Age: Suitable for 6 years & above








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